The Labrador Company Branding & Ecommerce

Branding, ecommerce website design and development for Dorset based retailer, The Labrador Company.


Full ecommerce content management and Woocommerce integration

Once The Labrador Company had signed off on the design concepts we presented to them, we moved on to developing the ecommerce store.

As always, we integrated with Woocommerce, the ecommerce extension for WordPress.

The Lab Co’s previous store was also on Woocommerce, so this made importing the products fairly simple and allowed us to hand-code a custom ecommerce store that makes content management extremely easy for the client.

The image below shows the product edit screen, where all information about a product is entered. Setting up variations, adding product images and setting price is all very quick and simple to do.

authenticstyle-Development 16

We even made it very easy for The Lab Co to edit what we refer to as “content” pages. For example the image below shows the “Our Story” page when navigated to in the website admin area.

authenticstyle-Development 17

Inclusion of workshops

The Labrador Company were keen to expand their range, offering workshops – as painting and restoring furniture is something they had identified as being popular with their customer personas.

We included a nice way for them to add workshops by simply assigning them to the category “Workshops”.

authenticstyle-Development 18

Integration with social media

Social media was also proving successful for The Labrador Company so we wanted to include a feed from their Instagram account on every page of the site.

authenticstyle-Development 20

Platform for publishing content

Another key goal for the project was providing The Labrador Company with a platform to easily create and publish content.

Putting content out their on your website is essential when it comes to driving traffic to any website, so this made WordPress and Woocommerce the perfect platform for this project. Outlined below, you can see just how easy it is to create a new article:

authenticstyle-Development 19

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