The Labrador Company Branding & Ecommerce

Branding, ecommerce website design and development for Dorset based retailer, The Labrador Company.


Setting goals and proposing potential layouts

We had a really productive kick-off meeting with the team from The Labrador Company where we discussed their ideal customer personas – something we like to get clear at the start of a project so we can keep the ideal customer(s) in mind as we work on the project.

We also examined our findings from their existing ecommerce website. These came from an analysis of their Google Analytics account. This step was really important as it allowed us to understand some key metrics to benchmark our new ecommerce store against.

Our first port of call was to think about how we would ensure that the user experience of The Labrador Company ecommerce store would be top notch on mobile and desktop by creating wireframes.

At this early stage we’d agreed that we wanted to steer clear of the typical large horizontal “hero” image at the top of the site, and instead opt for a grid of images that would allow The Lab Co to feature products, categories and offers from their shop.

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