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Discover how we helped a leading UK producer of dairy products for the manufacturing, food service and hospitality sectors, with a brand new bespoke website.

BV Dairy are one of the UK’s leading dairy producers and have been established since 1932. Over the years the company has seen substantial growth and now produces a wide range of dairy products that go into many of the most popular dairy products in the UK. Chances are you probably have a product in your fridge right now that contains a dairy product from BV Dairy.

We first worked with BV Dairy some 10 years ago, helping them modernise their first website. But as times change and the web landscape evolves it was definitely time for an updated bespoke website to help them showcase their products and better represent the business as it stands today…

Launch website

Bright, bespoke website design

After several meetings to establish the requirements and goals for the project we set about producing a modernised design for the homepage of the website. This new site is more expansive, using the full width of the browser window and incorporates elements with skewed, diagonal lines to inject some uniqueness into the brand.

BV Dairy’s product range is now clearly featured on the homepage, as well as clear sections showing the industry sectors they work in.

Displaying the dairy products

Although not an e-commerce website, the main bulk of BV Dairy’s website focuses around their product range. On the previous website the imagery of the products wasn’t particularly inspiring, so our goal here was to show what each of their products can ultimately create using vibrant food photography.

On the actual product pages themselves we feature the “product tubs” each product is shipped in, but in order to make these look more appealing, we placed them on a wooden surface along with a rural background. Each product page then displays examples of the product in use and gives potential customers an easy way of making an enquiry.

Engaging and flexible page layouts

For more standard content pages, such as BV Dairy’s “Our Story” page, we came up with a layout that allowed for alternating image and text blocks that help provide some visual interest as the user scrolls down the page. There is also the ability for video content to be added to these to help increase engagement as users scroll and read the content.

Dedicated section for recruitment

The “Careers” section of this website was an important consideration and needed to be improved from the past iteration of the website. This time around we proposed a design that allowed BV Dairy to talk about the benefits they offer as an employer, as well as showcasing current vacancies. The pages also gives BV Dairy the ability to feature news that’s assigned to the “People” category as well as testimonials from current staff.

Simple news and blog area

BV Dairy’s old site had a news section that had become clunky over time, so this new design keeps things simple, allowing users to filter the content by category and then displaying the news articles in a simple grid.

The individual article pages themselves allow for a variety of content to be included, such as images, videos, quotations and lists, and each post finishes with a call to action to get in touch as well as links to other related articles.

Getting in touch made easy

The “Contact” page follows on from the other pages of the site, displaying an interactive location map, contact details, social media links and finally a contact form to allow enquires to be sent directly from the website.

Yogurt & Kefir Drink Label Designs

As well as working with BV Dairy on their website we have also helped them produce label designs for various Greek Style Natural Yogurts and also a Kefir yogurt drink in various flavours.

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