Custom Web Design for IT Support Company

Find out how we created a custom WordPress website to showcase and promote an IT support company’s services.

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Custom WordPress Website Design

IT Ambulance’s existing website hadn’t been updated since their inception over 12 years ago. Recognising an urgent need to bring the look and feel up to date and also provide them with a central hub for all their future marketing efforts, they got in touch with us to see if we could help.


The main objective of IT Ambulance’s website is to clearly articulate what IT support services they offer and how they can help solve IT related issues. We took their existing branding and came up with a modernised, custom design with content that is easily scannable and engages the reader as they move down the page. Each page finishes with a clear call to action to book a consultation, helping point the visitor in the right direction.

Service pages make up the vast majority of the new IT Ambulance website, so we crafted a flexible custom template that provides them with many option when it comes to laying out their content from within WordPress. Alternating text and image boxes, horizontal scrollers and clickable accordions to hide/show content gives IT Ambulance the options they need to show the necessary content for each service in an engaging way.

With many of the IT support services on offer using unavoidable technical jargon, we pitched an idea to include a “Challenges” section on the website. Simply put, this was an area that would list out the common challenges most organisations face in layman’s terms. This helps visitors instantly recognise challenges that their organisation may be facing and directs them to the services they may need.

Getting in touch with IT Ambulance is only ever one click away on any page of the website. We created a “Book Consultation” button that forms part of the website navigation, and upon being clicked, opens up a simple form allowing visitors to get in touch.

Mobile Responsive

As with all our custom web design projects, special attention was given as to how each page would adjust when viewed on smaller mobile devices. Here’s a selection of how the homepage elements adjust to the smaller viewport and how the navigation slides into view when tapped on.


“I was pleased to work with Will and Authenticstyle to relaunch our website in its 17th year. Will, rapidly produced us a proposal and style which made our decision easy to reach. We talked realistically about timescales and I’m happy to say our new site went live in time to support our marketing efforts. We are pleased with what we have achieved, which is a great improvement and enables us to manage minor content tweaks and additions ourselves. All the way thorough we felt we had a proactive supplier who was on the same page.”

Frank Connelly