Don’t believe us? Well here’s why……. Having a website that’s well-designed and up-to-date is vital for any business these days, as more buying decisions are made via the internet than ever before. busy-best-time-to-redesign-website Ensuring that your web presence is the best that it can be should be given your highest priority.  But if you’re busy with orders at the moment you may, firstly, wonder why you need to bother and, secondly, feel you’re too busy and don’t have the time. Let’s deal with these two issues separately.

1) I’ve got plenty of work on, I don’t need to bother…..

But have you thought about what would happen if you didn’t keep your online appearance up to scratch and orders started to dry up? Will your potential customers be able to find you? And if they do, do you look like the type of company they are going to trust and want to do business with? It’s easy to sit back when you’re busy and think that orders will always keep coming in, but if the time does come when you need to try a bit harder to get the next customer, doesn’t it make sense to have your website looking its very best? A potential customer could very well be looking at your website right now and considering whether they should give you their business…

2) I don’t have the time to work with someone on a new website, I’ve got too many things on the go as it is…

Although you should definitely be involved in the project, so that it becomes a collaboration between yourself and your web designers, if the project process is well defined and clear milestones are set, you needn’t spend as much time on the project as you think. Here’s an estimate of the time we think you’d need to set aside (if you wanted to work with us on your project – hint, hint!):

  • 15 mins to complete our initial information gathering questionnaire
  • 30 mins for a project kick-off call, OR an hour for a meeting
  • 30-40 mins total time to review wireframes as we drip feed them to you via our project management system, that keeps files and discussions all in one convenient place so you save time finding relevant discussions
  • 30-40 mins total time to review design concepts as we drip feed them to you on our project management system
  • 30 mins to review our progress with the development of your website as we get the coding underway
  • And finally, 2 hrs to review the fully functioning website that we have QA’d before sending it over to you.

Let’s call that 5 hrs, that’s all the time you would need to invest over the course of your project lifespan. We don’t think that’s much considering the return on investment that you can achieve with a beautiful new, user-friendly, website. Imagine getting 5 new customers in the first month of your new website going live – surely that’s worth 5 hours of your time, right? Get in touch with us today and let’s get your website project started.  

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