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We’ll apply our Growth-Driven methodology to your new website so that it’s constantly improving and growing your business.

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Growth-driven improvements are the number one activity your business should focus on to make your website more effective and to lengthen its life.

Most businesses redesign their website and then improvements happen sporadically as and when time permits, or when enough customers make a suggestion or raise the same comment. Working this way means your site soon becomes ineffective, and you need to go through the hassle of totally redesigning your site again in a few short years.

Growth-driven improvements is what we call the process of working with our client’s newly designed website’s to regularly review their performance based on data. It’s all about being proactive.

We look at how people are finding your site, what they are doing (or not doing) once they get there and how we can improve that all-important conversion rate – the number of visitors who complete the desired action when they arrive at your site.

Read on to find out how it works.

Authentic Style’s portfolio and our initial meetings suggested they would be a perfect fit to guide us through the process of building a website and refreshing our brand. Will and the team supplied a clear and detailed plan for our project and stayed constantly in touch – this helped greatly in keeping us focussed and on schedule. We are very pleased both with the management and timescale of the project, and with the design of our website and new logo.”

Authentic Style-Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas
Southern Filters

The professional, enthusiastic team at Authentic Style have designed and built our new Ecommerce platform. They have worked really well alongside us to bring this project to fruition and as a result we are now retaining their services in a very pro-active role to both maintain and develop services further. Highly recommend the team.”

Authentic Style-David Beck
David Beck

Authentic Style have been incredible in creating our new ecommerce website, the design is exactly the look we were after and site is super fast and works perfectly. Eleanor has been fantastic and constantly on hand throughout the whole process. Thank you!!

authenticstyle-Emma Collings
Emma Collings
The Cheese Wedding Cake
How do we do it?
Step 1

Website audit

The first step is to understand what’s working and what isn’t working. Are people leaving on a certain page, are customers not understanding your messaging, is there a field at your checkout that’s causing people to abandon? We use a variety of tools and techniques to get these insights and share our findings in a report.

Step 2


Once we’ve carried out the audit, we’ll organise a time to review it over the phone or in person and then select the suggestions we’ve made that you would like to proceed with.

Step 3


Next we’ll implement the changes on a staging site, so we can test that everything is working as it should and get your approval before pushing the work to the live site. We may decide to A/B test some of the changes too, so this is where we would set up your tests so they can start collecting data.

Step 4


After a set period of time we’ll report back the results of the changes and tests we ran so you know whether the work was effective. We’ll take what we learnt here into the next round of growth-driven improvements.

Step 5


Repeating this process as often as possible and as budget allows, means we can really fine-tune your website and make it as effective as possible. It’s a smarter way of working that will also dramatically lengthen the life of your website, meaning you don’t have to shell out for a total redesign in a few years time.

Step 6


Depending on your needs, Growth-driven improvements can happen on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Once you start a conversation with us about this service we’ll recommend what we think would work best for your business.

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