Make the right impression with creative photography.

Photography is critical to the success of your website. We offer product and lifestyle photography to set your website off and provide amazing assets for social media.


Your photography is part of your brand and encompasses your values.

What imagery you display shows people what you stand for and it allows customers to easily recognise you in a crowded marketplace.

We specialise in creating memorable and stunning photography totally in line with your brand. This starts with the creation of brand ideas and these evolve into concepts that will dictate your website design and layout. Humans are naturally drawn to images so it’s important to make your mark and portray a personal side to your business.

Whether it’s product photography you require or lifestyle photography, we can help you get this right to ensure your website project is a resounding success.

Step 1

Creative Direction

We like to meet with you to obtain an overview of your existing brand and values. From here we work in a collaborative way to formulate new ideas based on what you hope to achieve from the photography project. It’s at this point that we begin to brainstorm ideas to get you excited about your photography project.

Step 2

Concept Finalised

Having gained creative direction outlined in step 1, we produce a mood board. This allows us to put forward ideas quickly, which can be refined until everyone is on the same page with the style of photography you require for your project.

Step 3

The Photoshoot

Now that the process and concepts have been accepted, shooting can begin. This could be on location, at your offices or within a studio. We even work with natural or artificial light depending on your needs. We offer full days or shooting, half days or even 2-hour sessions – whichever best suits your needs.

Step 4

Post Production

A huge part of any photography project happens after the photoshoot. First, our process is to pick a selection of the strongest images which can be done either with or without you. The images will then be thoroughly edited through post-production software such as Photoshop and Lightroom enabling us to really enhance each image. This enhancement means that we create a truly distinctive look through colour grading, lighting and composition.

Step 5

Asset Delivery

Once you have approved the selection of imagery, we will then produce high-resolution versions for you. These will be sent over to you to download so you can use your beautiful new images in social media posts, on your website and anywhere you like as you’ll own full rights.

Step 6


Whether you’re using your newly acquired photography as part of a social media campaign or as product imagery on your website, we can help you adapt them to each setting. We can help you crop, alter and provide them in alternative formats so that they can be used time and time again but within different avenues.

Photography Packages

Half Day & Editing

For smaller projects – we can offer a half day photoshoot and post-production editing. The same process will be followed so that you have a say in how the creative concept is developed and shoot location so that you get beautiful photography to suit your needs.


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Full Day & Editing

As per the half-day package but double the timescale. This package allows for larger projects to be shot over the course of a full day. This option is predominantly for website photography – especially E-commerce sites which have numerous products which need photographing.


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