Authentic Climb

Without traffic your website won’t fulfill it’s true potential. Climb is a monthly search engine optimisation service designed to drive traffic to your website. It can consist of all, or some of the below.

SEO audit

Get a clear picture of current performance

The first step of Authentic Climb is to produce a thorough SEO audit of your website.

The audit gives us all a clear picture of your websites strengths and weaknesses and provides action points that need to be addressed. It also acts as a benchmark for us to measure the effectiveness of our work on your website.

Keyphrase research

What do people search for to find your business?

By using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console combined with Google’s own auto-complete and releated searches features, we can discover what keyphrases visitors use to find your website.

We can then perform keyword research to determine whether these are the correct keyphrases to be targeting, depending on their search volume and competitivness.

Google My Business

Set up and optimisation

We can set up and optimise your Google My Business page.

Google My Business enables you to make sure Google has your opening times, your contact details and address information all correct.

It also allows you to take advantage of customer reviews, manage your business locations and more.

Content roadmaps

Do you struggle creating content for your site?

We’ll put together a “content roadmap” for you, which covers topics we feel your company should be blogging about with the overall goal of reaching the people you want to attract as customers.

Publishing highly valuable, new content and promoting it is key to ensuring you achieve high search rankings on Google.

Client surveys

Speaking with clients can uncover great insights

If you feel this is suitable for your business, we can produce a short survey (approved by you) for some of your top clients to complete.

The insights gained from surveying existing customers can prove extremely valuable, as they allow us to find out first-hand what search phrases your customers used to find you and what hesitations they had when it came to working with you, or buying from you.

On site SEO

Optimising your code for higher rankings

It’s not rocket science. Essentially Google looks out for certain things when it indexes the pages on your website. We can evaluate your website to make sure that all these have been checked off and If not, make these changes for you.

Our on site SEO work also includes ensuring that each main page of your site is optimised for a specific focus key phrase.

Obtaining backlinks

Link building has a huge SEO impact

The more websites that link back to your website, the more important Google deems your website to be.

Getting backlinks is notoriously difficult, but we’ll provide you with clever ideas you can try to get more links back to your website from other sources.

Building up backlinks is hard, but extremely worthwhile.

Content creation

Helping you generate content

Google loves freshness. And freshness on the web comes in the form of regularly publishing new content. We know how difficult this is with all your other commitments running your business, so why not have us help?

We’ll discuss article ideas with you and when we need expert input, we’ll request a bulleted outline of the article, which we can then work up into a well written, valuable piece for your site. It will only be published with your approval.

Keeping you informed

Progress calls each month

We’ll keep you in the loop by giving you a progress call at the end of each month to review the work we’ve carried out and to discuss upcoming work for next month.

Authentic Climb is a minimum four month commitment, as this is enough time to enable us to see results.

We’re confident that with a focused plan we can help you drive more traffic to your website.

Frequently asked questions

Over the years the same questions often come up in conversation, so we thought bestto include a small frequently asked questions area on our site.

How much does Authentic Climb cost?

Climb starts from £150 per month, but the price is tailored to your requirements as you may only require some of the services outlined above.

Give us a call on 01747 852298 to start the conversation and begin tailoring the right Authentic Climb package for you.

Why is it a four month commitment?

Search engine optimisation changes aren’t instant – they take time to take effect, so that is why we recommend a 4 month commitment.

Can we tailor Authentic Climb to our needs?

Yes, you may require all or only some of the options outlined above. Authentic Climb is tailored to your specific needs.

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