Streamline your business with a web application.

Harness the power of a custom built web or mobile application to improve the way you do business or make data visualisation easier.

Web Applications
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Need to solve a problem within your business?

Web and mobile applications differ from websites in that they are purely action-oriented. They’re also self-contained and usually require a login to access.

Examples could be: a secure area where customers login to manage their holiday bookings and itinerary. or perhaps a secure area for your employees to see data visualisations of projected sales figures and business targets.

Web and mobile applications typically either, solve a problem that you as a business might be having internally, or provide incredibly useful functionality for your clients, making it much easier for them to work with you or carry out tasks that you need them to perform.

Everyone’s requirements for web applications are extremely specific, so the best way to get the ball rolling is to learn more about our approach below and to then give us a call to discuss your needs.

Emails used to suffice for us planning charters, but as the business has grown, we wanted to find a way to streamline the entire process. We approached Authentic Style to come up with a platform that could achieve this and as with any project we’ve undertaken with them, we were impressed by how clearly they understood what we needed. They have produced a secure way for our clients to connect with us, resulting in a quick and efficient use of our time in the office. This was the second time we relied upon Authentic Style and it went so well, we’ve got project number three in the design stage! Great job.”

authenticstyle-Jon Rowe
Jon Rowe
Sunseeker Charters
Step 1

Discovery & scoping

We want to discover as much as we can about your reasons for wanting to create a web or mobile application. Once we understand your business, and exactly what you want your application to achieve, we can investigate the best technologies.

Step 2

User journeys

Your users — whether that be your customers or staff members — are at the heart of any web or mobile application. We need to work out the “flow” within the application to ensure that users will be able to perform the tasks they need to perform.

Step 3

App development

Once you’ve approved the designs we’ll begin coding up your application. This involves setting up a secure environment for testing, and working with any APIs that are required for your project.

Step 4

Delivery & launch

We’ll provide you with a link to fully test and view your web or mobile application. We’ll also QA the app rigorously to ensure that nothing has been missed. Once you have signed off the work we’ll schedule time to release your application to the world!

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