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Harness the power of a custom web application built on WordPress to streamline your business processes. Learn more about web applications below.

What are web apps?

Essentially they solve a problem

Web applications are still effectively websites, but what makes them different is that they have restricted access – typically only for your clients or staff – and they allow these users to perform a very specific task.

An example of a web app might be an online area where your clients can login and manage a holiday they’ve booked with you. Or a staff area where multiple employees can manage client bookings.

Huge benefits

Huge benefits

An online web app can save you and your staff a tremendous amount of time and make it very easy for your clients to carry out tasks that perhaps before were all done via email conversations or phone calls.

The best way to establish whether a web app might help streamline some of your business processes is to think about the pain points in your business. Could time be saved by creating a web app to handle a certain task or make it easier for your customers to access certain information?

The power of APIs

Linking up to other services

Web apps often link up to other services (using API’s) to fetch and pull in more information.

We’re able to connect the web app that we create for your business with other services to extend it’s functionality and make it more powerful.

Case study

Here’s how we helped Sunseeker Charters

We created two web applications for Sunseeker Charters in Poole using WordPress.

The first provides their clients with an area to access information about their charter holiday, complete questionnaires and plan their itinerary. The second allows Sunseeker Brokers to manage the charter schedules of all yachts in their fleet.

Prior to these web apps, all these processes were done via email or via excel spreadsheets. Now that we’ve streamlined these areas of the business it’s made submitting information for clients slick and easy, whilst Brokers have a central point to manage yacht bookings.

Another case study

Customer document download area

We created a secure customer area within the BV Dairy website that allows their clients (once given access) the ability to sort through specification PDF’s and download the documents most relevant to them.

This has saved the the BV Dairy admin team countless hours, as before they had to field telephone requests numerous times throughout the day, each time sending out the requested documents as email attachments. Now they provide the customer with access to the area we created and it’s job done.

Frequently asked questions

Over the years the same questions often come up in conversation, so we thought bestto include a small frequently asked questions area on our site.

How long does a typical web application project take to complete?

It completely depends on your requirements. The simplest of web applications could take as little as 2 weeks, with more complicated applications taking several months.

When we scope out your project we will provide a clear timeline of your project.

Will my web application be mobile friendly?

Yes. All web applications that we create will provide a fantastic user experience on mobile devices.

How much is my web application likely to cost?

As each requirement for a web application is different, it is difficult to say.

When we scope out your project we will give you a ballpark figure very early on so you have a good indication of costs.

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Authentic Style have a fantastic eye for design, they completely understand the intricacies of user experience, and they have mad front-end development skills. On top of it all, they are easy to work with and responsive to their clients. If you want a beautiful app or website that will delight your users, you can’t go wrong with Will and his team.

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