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Website builders or templates just don’t cut it. With our custom approach, your new WordPress website is designed from a blank canvas with your customers needs at the heart of the process. Our aim is to provide your customers with an irresistible online experience that’s authentic to your vision.

It starts with discovery

We want to know everything about you

Knowing everything: your story, your motivations and your future plans, helps us build a picture of where you are and where you want to be.

Once we’ve discovered we’ll analyse. If you have an existing website we’ll install some tools that will gather insights. From here we can establish potential problems your website may have and make sure these are addressed with the new one.

This is the crucial first step in your project.

Analysis of your existing site

Much can be learnt from your current website

Did you know your existing website holds the key to your future success?

By analysing how people are finding it and interacting with it, we can uncover the positives and the negatives and ensure that we make your new website a massive success.

This phase is included within every web design project we undertake.

Custom design

No templates. Just designed tailor-made for you.

The problem with templated solutions? They’re restrictive and don’t last. They also always mean compromise, which we don’t think is the best way to build your business online.

With us your website starts from a blank canvas, meaning we carefully consider the user experience, and craft a look and feel that compliments your brand and allows your visitors to really connect with your company. It’s web design done the right way, without a template in sight and focused on results.

Future proof implementation

Content managed and mobile friendly

Your new website will be designed and built with mobile use at the forefront of our minds. It will also be fully content managed so you can edit all the content and images from within the website admin area. What’s more, we’ll provide you with training and support too.

We’ll develop your website using the latest standards compliant code which has three benefits – longevity, speed and higher Google rankings.


A robust, easy to use platform to sell online

When you rely on your website to sell your products it needs to be robust, secure and future-proof. This the case with the platform we use – Woocommerce – and the UK based hosting provider we have partnered with.

You’ll be able to manage your products, make changes to your site’s content and even complete orders from any device. We can even help integrate with your accounting software so orders from your new ecommerce shop flow directly into it.

We work with clients whose monthly sales range from £500, all the way up to £50,000+.


Search engine optimisation

Google optimised from day one.

A website without traffic is a waste of effort, time and money.

Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re already an established business – it doesn’t matter. We’ll find out how people are discovering your business online, or how they’re finding the services that your business offers, and build in a plan with your website redesign project, ensuring that the foundations for great organic Google rankings are in place for the keywords you need to get found for.

Ongoing improvement

Evolution based on the needs of your customers.

We strongly believe that a website should evolve over time based on the needs of your customers and clients. That’s why we stick around for the long term and analyse your new site to see how it’s performing.

We use several different tools to benchmark effectiveness and to see where we can make improvements to make your website as effective as possible. This stops that vicious cycle of redesigning your website every two or three years.

Frequently asked questions

Over the years the same questions often come up in conversation, so we thought best to include a small frequently asked questions area on our site.

How long does a typical web design project take to complete?

Projects tend to take anywhere from one to two months to complete, depending on their complexity. A more straight-forward B2B site advertising your services is likely to take a month, in comparison to an ecommerce website with 3,000+ products and custom functionality, which is more likely to take around 2 months to complete.

At the outset of your project we make you aware of key milestones within your project, so you will always know when each stage of your project will be complete.

What makes you different from other web design companies?

Firstly, we’ll analyse your existing website so we can understand as much as we can about how people use it and how people find it. This information allows us to uncover any deep rooted issues that there may be and address them with your new website.

Secondly, we’ll also build “inbound marketing” techniques into your web design project, so that you have a plan in place once you’re new site is up and running to drive traffic to it, and to then convert that traffic into leads or sales.

Here are some other reasons to work with us:

  • We’re very responsive and organised, so you’ll never feel unsure of how your project is progressing.
  • All the websites we design are unique and are created from scratch.
  • Our quotes are fixed, so you won’t get any nasty surprise fees during your project.
How much do you charge?

The majority of the website design projects we work on range from £2,500 – £8,000. Where your project falls on that scale depends on the scope of the project and largely whether your project requires any bespoke functionality.

Once we’ve discussed your project with you, we’ll give you a ballpark cost so you’ll know whether we’re a fit for you. If you’d like to take things further, we’ll then produce a functionality document, a sitemap and a detailed quote for your approval.

What happens if I don't like the design you produce for my website?

We guarantee you’ll love it, as we’ve not had a disappointed client since we started in 2009.

Custom design is our speciality, so we are very confident we’ll be able produce a design that not only looks fantastic, but is extremely effective too.

Will I be able to edit content on my website myself?

Yes. We’ll build your website so that all of the content is editable and even the images too.

We’ll also provide you with training on how to use WordPress (our content management system of choice) so you have everything you need to feel comfortable making content additions and changes to your website without having to come back to us each time.

Ready to start talking about your project?

We decided to ask Authentic Style to redesign our site because our previous experience of working with them was so good. Their project management system is brilliant and their responses and communications are always very quick and helpful. We’d definitely refer their great design skills, communication and all the services that they’re able to provide to others. We’re delighted with our site and look forward to working with Authentic Style in the future

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