Sound Pop Academy (SPA) – an existing client of ours who initially came to us to design and build their bespoke membership website, and who we work with on a monthly basis to offer support and maintenance – recently started a new conversation with us about streamlining and automating the process for potential new members booking taster sessions through their website.

SPA are a singing and performance academy for kids between the ages of 7 and 17 and operate in several locations across the South.

Their website acts as a tool to promote SPA’s vision and it also has a members only area where members sign up for a monthly fee, giving them access to the songs their academy are rehearsing so they can practice in their own time, the choreography, help and guides and the ability to attend all the weekly academy sessions.

Booking a taster session is how potential new SPA members join, as it gives them the opportunity to come along and experience a session first hand to see if they like it.

The problem

Previously the process for a child (or their parent/guardian) booking onto a taster session was just a simple form on the website that they would complete.

The details would then be emailed to one of the leaders and from there, a discussion about what time that academy practices, what date they wanted to come along on, what the child needs to bring, what they can expect etc, would ensue over email or over the phone- so this created quite a bit of back and forth and admin work for SPA.

The solution

We helped SPA solve this problem by automating all of this process.

This involved designing and building a completed bespoke online booking tool that is a 3 step process, allowing the child, parent or guardian to select the academy location that they’d like to book a taster session for, the ability to pick the date and time that best suits them, and then provides them with a simple form to fill out to send over their necessary details to the academy leaders.

Once that process has been completed on the website, an email is then automatically sent out to the email address that was used to book the taster session, with more information about practice times, the venue, what to expect etc – all tailored to the location they have chosen.

All of this taster session booking process on the website is content managed, so practice times of the various locations, and practice dates can be easily amended by SPA to allow for bank holidays, school holidays etc.

Can we help you save on admin time?

These kind of problem solving projects are projects we particularly enjoy working on as it’s so rewarding to see the amount of time that can be saved by automating a process using WordPress and, in this instance, MailerLite for the email automations.

Here’s what Sound Pop Academy had to say about how this newly automated process will help them:

“We’re always looking at ways to improve our service, web capability and automated systems. We knew that Will & the team at Authentic Style would be able to support us with our mission to reduce admin time when signing up new members to the academy. Having an automated system makes the onboarding process so much more simple, our end. It’s more effective, cohesive and the end result is a far better experience for the potential new member and for our leaders and staff too. It’s always a pleasure working with Will & the team and we’re super happy with the outcome. We can’t wait to get the system turned on fully!”

– Dan Cooper, Co-Director Sound Pop Academy

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