The Tagging Game: 7 Facts About Me

I just got tagged by Paul Seys over at to write up 7 facts about myself. I apologise in advance for the low quality of this post, but its actually bloody hard thinking of 7 things!

1. I was once ranked 10th in England…

…at playing Squash! I started playing Squash when I was seven and soon took part in tournaments up and down the country on the weekends. I played for my county, region and almost country at Under 15 level. Yep, it was a few years back! I still play today, but just for fun.

2. I can Water Ski

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get water skiing lessons for my birthday. I’ve only done it the once, but it was awesome fun. I managed to get up first time as well! Something which I’d love to try now would be wake boarding. It just looks cooler doesn’t it?!

3. I love drumming

Music is a big part of my life, and although I don’t currently play in a band, drumming is a big passion of mine. I’m constantly tapping away much to the annoyance of the people around me! I tend to listen to Rock, Metal, Funk & Blues, so pretty much anything with interesting rhythms.

4. Just started getting into motorbikes

When I say motorbikes, I mean it in the loosest possible term! A few months back I purchased a mini moto to mess about on around all the dirt tracks I live near – thats one of the benefits of living in the middle of no where. From riding around on it looking like a complete idiot (bear in mind the bike is only about 2.5 feet tall!) I now having a burning desire to purchase a proper motocross bike.

5. I really want to do the Pamplona Bull Run

One day I’m going to do it I swear. If you don’t know, its the race through the Italian streets with hundreds of other participants and you being chased by Bulls. Check out this link if you want to find out more.

6. I’m obsessed with pixels!

When it comes to design I’m a really bad perfectionist. Not saying my designs are perfect – they’re not, but If I notice something that looks a pixel out I can’t help but move it. Even when I’m flicking through a magazine I’ll notice things and analyse the design. It drives me crazy!

7. I sold a hobby website for £900 once

Back when I was still at school I ran a website dedicated to making forum signatures for people who played games online. Yes, I was a bit of a gaming geek! Anyhow, the site was pretty popular. I wrote lots of tutorials, played lots of games and at the peak of our time we were receiving about 25,00 unique hits a month. Although the site was just a bit of fun, I’m really glad I started it, and especially grateful to the people that helped out with it as its what basically led me into web design. Eventually I lost patience with trying to manage a forum with over 6k members and decided to sell the site on. It made just short of £900, which I was pretty chuffed with!

Tagging some people I respect…

Well, I hope that wasn’t too boring for you to read. Perhaps as this blog is new it might have given you a bit of a better insight into the person I am. Anyway, this is the bit where I’d better tag some people, so here goes.

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