You could argue that Shaftesbury isn’t the place to be when it comes to web design. It’s out in the sticks and the only thing it’s notable for is Gold Hill. Anyone remember the Hovis advert? Having said that it’s a beautiful town and it is home to some great web design companies, with some residing in neighbouring Gillingham too. I thought it’d be nice to do a bit of a round up and let you know who’s who when it comes to web designers in Shaftesbury. First up, it’s got to be us…

Authentic Style

I founded Authentic Style in 2009 as a freelancer based in Shaftesbury, and since then I’ve added 3 talented members to the team. My focus for the company is to make our clients more successful online – simple. We do that through web design that looks beautiful, is extremely easy to use and converts visitors into customers. It’s also our focus to make managing the websites we create as easy as possible for our clients.

LA Marketing & Design

Based in the same building as us, Lionel and Allison offer WordPress web design to businesses in Shaftesbury and Dorset, but they also focus on the social media side of things and even LinkedIn. They’re lovely people doing some great work for local companies and are big advocates of WordPress, as are we. Here’s a link to LA Marketing & Design’s website.

Beeson & Beeson

Gareth and his wife Mel predominantly offer branding services to companies all over the UK, but they also dabble with web design too. We’ve even helped them out on a project, and they kindly pass work our way aswell. Check out their site, they’ve created some very lovely logos indeed.

Mulberry Interactive

I’ve never dealt with Mulberry and I’m not sure who’s behind them, but from the looks of their website they’re keeping their finger on the pulse. Based in Motcombe in Shaftesbury, they’re designing websites for local and multi-national businesses, much like ourselves. There are loads more web designers in Shaftesbury, but this list is a selection of the best, based on my own dealings with them and also their own websites being responsive and modern.

Does location matter?

As a web design company it doesn’t really matter where you’re based – Shaftesbury, London, Edinburgh, even Tokyo (yes we have a client there!). With Skype it’s easy to schedule calls and video meetings, and with Basecamp (a project management tool), staying on top of things is easy. You don’t have to do business with a local company in this day and age to build a close and successful working relationship.

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