As our previous posts have mentioned, sending promotional emails to existing and potential customers is an essential and very cost-effective method of marketing your business. But we’re often asked about how regularly should these be sent – here’s our thoughts that could help you decide.

Mailing too often

We all know the disappointment of finding out that a potential customer has unsubscribed. There’s obviously a number of reasons why that could have happened –  but one of them could certainly be because you’ve mailed them too often. If you’ve overdone the frequency of your emails, your subscribers may have become ‘overwhelmed’ and disengaged with your messages and decide to unsubscribe – nightmare! You definitely don’t want that!

The right information, at the right time

Customers today expect to receive information that they need, exactly when they need it, so getting the timing of your messages right is really important. Having said that, your content should always be useful and engaging and the language that you use, along with your corporate branding, should always be consistent.

…ask yourself, “what do our clients get from receiving this message?” and “what could we do to make our content more useful and relevant”.

With content, we always try to ask ourselves “what do our clients get from receiving this message?” and “what could we do to make our content more useful and relevant”.

Test and test again

We’d always recommend trying out different frequencies on different sectors of your list and monitor closely what happens. For example, if you’ve been sending monthly newsletters, why not try out sending shorter twice monthly ones and see what reaction you get – try it on small segments of your list, the results should be revealing and will help you to decide the best way forward. Maybe also try different days of the week, and timings too, so you can get a good understanding of when’s really the best to connect with your target audience.


You could think about surveying your customers. Why not ask them what content they’d like to receive most and when. Then, depending upon the responses, you could try sending more tailored messages to their specific content requests and see what the reaction is.

Like the Stats

There are statistics out there about how often people like to get mailed, but remember these aren’t your customers, so only you’ll be able to decide what will work best for you: As you can see, the survey was conducted in 2015 and based upon asking 2,057 adults the following question: “How often, if ever, would you like to receive promotional emails (e.g., coupons, sales notifications) from companies that you do business with?” email-marketing-optimal-times-graph Their results showed:

  • Over 80% of people answered – “At least monthly”
  • 60% answered – “At least weekly”
  • Over 30% answeredWeekly”

The data did reveal that the majority of people wanted to receive promotional emails. Less than 10% said they ‘Never’ wanted to receive them – so that’s great news!

What can we take from all this?

Generally, it’s believed that weekly emails are the most effective, but monthly emails might work too, the concern here though is that monthly messages could just be too irregular and subscribers might have switched off from your communications and delete them when they arrive. Our best advice is for you to carefully test different segments of your market first, that way you don’t risk multiple customers unscribing, you can see what works best first before launching it to your entire audience all at once. The results from these small pilot test should help you decide the ideal frequency for your readers. If you do decide to increase the frequency of your messages, though, make sure you’re still sending really useful content – that way your list can feel that they’re getting even more value from your great emails and will be eager to read the next one!

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