So today I wanted to talk briefly about why content management is so important in web design. You likely know what content management is – it speaks for itself.

But why is it important? Why should you care a great deal about it?

In a nutshell; It’s crucial to the success of your website and ultimately the success of your business online. Think about it. If you can’t easily add and update fresh new content it’s going to:

  • hinder your search engine rankings (Google loves new content)
  • mean you get frustrated and end up putting the ongoing management of your website on the backburner – not a good idea!
  • make it tricky if one person’s been managing the content and they then leave and your website’s CMS (Content Management System) has a steep learning curve and isn’t intuitive

So when you think about having your website redesigned, or if you’re getting online for the first time…

  • quiz your web designer about the CMS they intend to use
  • get them to demo it to you
  • ask them how they’ll support you after they’ve finished your site
  • find out if they’ll supply you with training videos to get your started
  • how flexible it is if you want to add new functionality to your website

Here’s a quick example of easy content management

We recently launched a content managed, responsive website for an IT company in London. By way of an example to illustrate my point about quick, easy content management, lets take a look at the sliding banners on the homepage of their website. c-serv-content-managed-banner-slider Areas like this on a site can often times not be editable in the CMS, but we know from experience client’s typically like to play with the wording after launch. We made it super-easy for C-Serv to manage all such slides on their site within the CMS. Take a look. Easy peasy! c-serv-editing-banner-content Content is crucial to the success of your website and your business. Make sure you can easily manage it.

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