If you aren’t yet utilising email marketing in your business then I’m afraid to say, you’re lagging behind. Top marketers say that growing your ‘list’ is the number one activity any business should focus on, because with that list you can promote your products/services and offer free valuable advice to your customers all via your email marketing. Your email marketing campaigns are all touch points with new and existing customers, helping them remember that your company exists and that you have something of value to offer. So let’s find out some more specific reasons why email marketing will grow your business, if you step up, commit and do it consistently.

It’s powerful

email-marketing-is-powerful Statistics show that email marketing is the most powerful marketing channel available, giving the highest return-on-investment out there. According to Econsultancy, on average companies are attributing 23% of their average sales to email marketing.

Email marketing allows you to promote new products and services

What better way is there of getting your message straight to the inbox of your best prospects? Whether you want to announce a new product or service, or launch your latest sale or promotion, email marketing can get your message straight to your customers. It’s also a great way of building your brand and keeping in touch with existing customers and clients. Our top tip? Make sure you have segments within your overall email ‘list’. You can then go through your list and place your customers into the segment they belong within. The beauty of this is that you can then send much more targeted emails with content specific to that group of customers needs.

It’s cheap, simple and measurable

email-marketing-is-measurable Email marketing is cheap and simple and you can try out different methods and approaches quickly and easily – so you can discover what works and doesn’t work and modify your message accordingly. Platforms like MailChimp let you send to a list of under 2,000 subscribers for free, so for small businesses it’s the platform of choice. The fact that email marketing is measurable is one of the main reasons for it’s huge success. You can find out what time of day it’s best to send your campaigns (with a little trial and error). You can see how many people opened your campaign, how many people clicked links within it, AND more importantly who clicked them. All this data lets you learn and fine tune your marketing message. Much better than a cold mailshot eh?

It doesn’t take much effort, just a different mindset

By this point you’re probably coming around to the idea that email marketing is a great way of growing your business. It needn’t take a lot of extra work either, you can easily recycle news articles, event details and blog posts you’ve previously written and utilise these for your next email marketing campaign. If you target your different list segments accurately you can ensure you’re reaching the most appropriate individual for each particularly message.

Reach your prospects no matter where they are or what they’re doing

email-marketing-is-reach The amount of time each of us spends in our email inbox is scary right? Being ever connected by our smartphones, most people check their email’s upwards of 15 times a day on desktop and mobile devices during the working week. In January 2015 email opens on mobile devices stood at 53% (it was at just 8% back in 2011), so if you are going to start email marketing you can’t ignore mobile usage – make sure your emails are responsive so they look great no matter where your customers are reading them and on what device they are reading them.

Convinced? There are several ways to get started…

The best platform to get started with email marketing in our opinion is MailChimp – we’ve been using it for years and it allows our clients to manage their email marketing with total control. Now the way in which you approach MailChimp if you’re new to it will be different depending on your needs, so get in touch and we’ll help you find out which option is right for you and show you what the platform is capable of. Happy email marketing!

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