A team that’s with you for the journey.

We’re small and we think you’ll like that about us, because it means we can focus on building a winning relationship with you.

Why Us
Authentic Style-Why Us

In 2009 authenticstyle was founded on one principle…

To design beautiful websites. However, since then the web landscape has changed. Looks aren’t enough anymore, so we’ve been adapting our process to better serve our clients.

Our “Growth-Driven” approach allows your business to launch a beautifully designed website that not only looks better than your existing website, but is substantially more effective and takes much less time to get completed too. Once it’s live, we then let it gather data & make improvements each month, each quarter, or every six months (depending on budget) based on what the data tells us.

It’s an approach that’s focused on turning your website into a growth machine that generates leads and sells products. The big plus? It saves you money long term as you no longer need to repeat the vicious cycle of redesign every two years to keep your website at the cutting edge.

Growth-Driven Design is a smart investment, ensuring that your website is going to look great AND also be extremely effective over a long period of time.

We’re here for you long term

Once you’re a client of ours you’re always a client of ours. And once your project is completed we stick around to help you get the very most from it. A website should always be evolving based on how people are using it, so we’ll work with you each month, each quarter or semi-annually to fine-tune your website to make as effective as possible.

We don’t overcharge

Unfortunately there are web design companies out there who charge ridiculous amounts for tasks that only take 5 minutes, but which you don’t have the technical knowledge to do yourself. You’ll be happy to know we’re not one of those companies. If you require a small piece of work carried out, or need to pick up the phone for some advice or support, we’re more than happy to help.

You’ll be able to reach us

Don’t be frustrated by unreturned phone calls, or emails going unanswered for weeks. We pride ourselves on our communication skills and are always on hand to answer any questions or provide some advice Monday – Friday 9am -1pm and 2pm-5pm.

Meet Your Team

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Director & Designer

With a background in design, Will oversees all the creative work that we create and helps our clients get more results from their digital marketing too.

Is currently obsessed with golf
Favourite Film: Happy Gilmore
Loves everything sport
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Project Manager

Eleanor schedules all the work into the studio and is your first point of contact when you work with us. She’s always taking notes and seems to be one step ahead of Will at all times.

authenticstyle-Why Us


Designer & Social Media Expert

Claire creates beautifully designed websites and memorable brands. She has a passion for helping our clients grow their social media.

Associate of The Chartered
Institute of Marketing

Favourite colours: #800020, #004225
Social media idol: Gary Vee
Adores 1920s - 50s style
Currently watching: Chefs Table on Netflix
Currently learning: To play the cello
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Alli ensures everything runs smoothly in terms of invoicing and reconciling our accounts. A serial note-taker, there isn’t a thing she’ll forget!

Wizard with checklists
Dreams of owning an Aston Martin

Join our team

Looking for a new challenge?

We’re always on the lookout for talent, so find out what openings we currently have.


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What makes you different?

We believe in a “Growth-Driven” approach to website design and development. This means we analyse your existing website to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and then create a completely bespoke “launch-pad website” based on what we’ve learnt.

We then analyse the new website on an ongoing basis (we offer this monthly, quarterly and semi-annually) to determine where improvements can be made based on how your customers are actually using it. This approach extends the length of your website, meaning you don’t shell out again to redesign in two or three years, and it keeps your website generating you business.

How long does a typical project take?

Typical web design projects take around 3-5 weeks, with ecommerce projects taking roughly 4 – 6 weeks depending on the amount of custom functionality and integrations required.

Branding projects are typically much quicker, taking about 2 weeks. Social media engagements are ongoing and search engine optimisation projects typically have a 4 month commitment, but we do offer a one off “SEO Health Check” to give your site the best possible chance of climbing Google.

How much can we expect to pay?

Bespoke web design projects usually range from £3,000 – £6,000, with ecommerce projects ranging from £4,000 – £10,000 (although we do offer an “Ecommerce Lite” option for smaller businesses).

Branding projects are £599 and one off pieces of work are quoted based on our hourly rate of £55 + VAT. We’ll always produce a detailed quote so you can see how the costs for your project are broken down.

What happens if we don’t like the design work you produce for us?

As part of our “Authentic Guarantee” (more details on our contact page) we’ll do everything in our power to exceed your expectations with the design work we create.

We’re great at hitting the nail on the head first time when it comes to design, but, if, for whatever reason, you don’t like a design we produce, we’ll work with you to make iterations until you’re delighted with how it looks.

Do you offer photography or videography services?

We have some amazingly talented local contacts we can put you in touch with for a range of budgets so just let us know if you require photography or video as part of your project.

This typically works with us putting you in direct contact with the photographer/videographer, and us briefing them directly to ensure that they know the vision for your project.