Firstly, why WordPress?

We’re passionate about building WordPress websites, after all it’s an incredibly user-friendly and very customisable platform with very few limitations in terms of design and functionality. We’ve also got over 10 years experience using it. wordpress-security-maintenance-monthly-plan It’s for this reason that it’s our platform of choice and why every tailor-made website that we build is built using WordPress. There’s also a seemingly endless array of plugins available offering extensive additional functionality options as needed, and we’ve even got the skills to extend these and also develop our own. If that’s not enough – WordPress is also great for SEO – Google absolutely loves it! Because of its flexibility and ease of use, WordPress sites are able to grow with a business as it develops and changes, providing additional features and enhanced functionality as they’re required.

Keeping your WordPress website updated is critical

Because WordPress is continually being developed and improved, It’s really important to keep your WordPress website updated, as like any popular platform, a new vulnerability can be discovered and potentially exploited at any time. New versions of WordPress are released quite frequently to plug any holes in the software that arise and also offer improvements, but they’re only useful if they’re installed properly and regularly. Keeping on top of these updates for you as a business owner is probably at the bottom of your to-do list, and often, without any PHP / HTML knowledge it can be dangerous to perform these updates yourself, as they can have knock on effects to the functionality of your site — not very often, but it does happen.

A monthly Maintenance Plan is the solution

That’s why we offer all our clients a monthly maintenance and security plan covering, security, support and updates. The maintenance plan also includes putting a ‘back-up’ system in place in the unlikely event that your WordPress site is compromised in some way at any time. If the worst happens, we can revert to a working version of your site very quickly. We make sure that sites covered by our maintenance plan are always running the most recent version of WordPress. It’s piece of mind for you that your businesses website is going to always be available, fast and secure. The Plan also includes 3 hours of reserved time monthly for us to pro-actively advise on any improvements / changes / additions to the site that could be made and we’ll make any changes possible within the allocated 3 hours of time. So, get in touch if you’d like to take us up on our affordable monthly maintenance plan – we’d love to give your business the peace of mind that our cost-effective maintenance and security plan offers.

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