My week at authentic style was great!

I learned many new skills but also learned what it’s actually like to have the job of being a web designer.

At the start of my week I was shown how to use Omnigraffle and made a wireframe for a website for its multiple web pages.

I then moved on to use Photoshop, this was great as I became more familiar with how to use this software and also learned new skills. Using Photoshop I developed a layout of how the website may look from the wireframe that I had previously created. I then placed these on a template to show an example of what they would look like if it was used for a website on mobile and desktop.

authenticstyle-Work experience at Authentic Style 2

During the week’s work experience I was really lucky to be able to join the team on an outing to Longleat and I had a great time. I was able to feed giraffes and birds but also meet some adorable armadillos and hold a tarantula. Overall it was just an amazing day.

My whole week at AS was great and an amazing experience.

One of the biggest reasons why it was so great to have work experience here is because everyone in the team are lovely, welcoming and are so nice to work with.

From my whole experience from the week means I can use my new skills and knowledge in future job roles.  

authenticstyle-It’s all about Authentic Style’s Summer Team Day 14

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