Boy oh boy has this month been a crazy one! I’ve been working on some really great projects and have set out some plans for myself as well. Let me tell you about what I’ve been up to in this post.

iPhone Application

One of the most interesting things I worked on this month was the user interface design for a new iPhone application. I can’t tell you what it is yet ( its pretty niche and will only be available in French), but it was very exciting never the less. For me there was definitely something about working on a totally new area of design that was so interesting. As much as I love designing websites it was nice to take break and create a design for something that I’ll actually be able to see on my iPhone in a month or so once its been developed. Working on this project reminded me that its so important to keep learning and trying things outside of your design comfort zone. Saying that I’ve also been working with several new clients on new identities for their companies, a discipline which I feel like I am improving in, and creating some really nice concepts.

New version of Authentic Style

If you’re a fellow designer I bet you know how tough it is to design something for yourself, right? Well I’ve had a few ideas for a new version of this site, but with the way the current version was received I have to admit I am scared to change it. The trouble with the current site is that it comes across as a portfolio for a designer rather than a small design studio, which I guess is what I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients knowing that I’m a one man band – I think I can offer things that agencies can’t, but I want to push my services more and come across more professional. Anyway, I’m hoping that in my spare time I can get some wire frames together and then begin to create a layout.

Goals for the future

Its always a good thing to set yourself goals. If you don’t what have you got to work towards? This coming month I want to look at using Expression Engine with a view to using that for sites that require a more powerful CMS, and I’m also looking forward to trying out Perch CMS on a new project I’ll be working on.

Preparing for September

September is going to be another busy month. I’m gearing up to do some work for a university, a huge strategy, design and development email newsletter project and a few websites dotted in amongst those. I’ve also got a holiday (fingers crossed) to fit in, so its going to be another busy month I think. I’ll hopefully be updating my portfolio here soon, so stay on the look out for that too!

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